Connect Your Meters

Found in 2002, TESPRO has the world's most complete Meter Optical Probe product line, ranging from USB to Bluetooth, to comply with your varous AMR applications, applying to all mainstream metering devices.

TP-BT Bluetooth Optical Probes

TP-BT is a Bluetooth 4.0 device, compatible with Bluetooth 2.0, operates on any bluetooth devices(desktop or mobile) without driver.

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TP-USB Optical Probe for Meter Communication

Launched in 2005, TP-USB has been one of the best selling products in our product line, widely used by our customers throughout the world. It's proven to be reliable and perfectly compatible with meters of all types.

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TP-TypeC Optical Probe for Meter Communication

As the USB Type-C interface is more and more widely used,TP-TypeC might be the best choice for portable devices.

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TP-232 Optical Probe for Meter Communication

TP-232 is powered from RS232 port, no external power required. To this day, the RS232 port is still the most reliable and universally compatible communication port.

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Our Customers

In the past 21 years, TESPRO has been a global supplier to world famous utilities and metering companies.

Landis & Gyr
China State Grid
China Southern Grid