TP-BT Bluetooth Optical Probe

How to Change Baud Rate


  • Download a comport communication software. Serial Port Assistant is the one our R&D team using for daily basics.
  • Connect TP-BT Bluetooth Optical Probe to your computer, write down the comport assigned to device.

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Important Notice:

This change valid until device turned off. Every time TP-BT restarted, baud rate will be reset to device default. The only way to change default baud rate is to replace device firmware.

AT Command Reference:

Baud Rate:4800
Parity:N: No parity
E: Even Parity
O: Odd Parity
Data Bits:7 or 8
Stop Bits: 0 for 1 Stop bit
1 for 1.5 Stop bit
2 for 2 Stop bit