TP-USB Optical Probe

for Meter Communication

Launched in 2005, TP-USB has been one of the best selling products in our product line, widely used by our customers throughout the world. It's proven to be reliable and perfectly compatible with meters of all types.



TP-USB-IECComplied with IEC 62056-21(IEC 61107) standard
TP-USB-ANSI-NComplied with ANSI C12.18 (Normal Standard)
TP-USB-ANSI-SComplied with ANSI C12.18 Type 2, 2007(Sub-standard)
TP-USB-ANSI-UComplied with ANSI C12.18 (Universal, mode switchable)


  • IEC 62056-21(IEC 61107) compliant
  • ANSI C12.18 Type 2 compliant
Interface:Infrared optical
Connector:USB 2.0
Maximum B.R.:Up to 57,600bps
Attachment:Strong magnetic, complied with IEC 62056-21(IEC 61107) or ANSI C12.18
Computer compatibility:Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Windows CE
Cable:2 meters(6.5 feet)
Enviroment:-15°C ~ 80°C (5°F - 176°F)


Extended Temp. Cable:-35°C ~ 80°C (-31°F - 176°F)
Cable:Spiral cable available upon request.
Customizable upon request.

TP-USB USB接口电表光电头

TP-USB 光电头应用与热能表